[games_access] Michelle Hinn Recaps GDC @ AbleGamers.com

d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Thu Feb 28 05:15:35 EST 2008

Wow -- thanks Mark! My first real media article -- I've never been a
"reporter" before! Very cool! I have a couple other pieces in the
works but I knew that I had to get this one out as soon as I could
after I debriefed everyone on the overall GDC experience this year.

I loved the graphic with the 2 people next to many...although...not
that many were women...but then again...that was pretty close to the
actual gender breakdown of attendees for our session. :)

GDC on a whole, though, has gotten a lot more gender diverse...a long
way to go still but it's good to see more and more women attending
each year.

I definitely urge everyone who has some opinion pieces or reviews of
games, hardware, etc to consider AbleGamers as a destination point
for your articles. This is different than blog postings -- more in
the line of a full scale media piece that you would see in Gamasutra
or CNET and such. Then we can send out press releases when AG wants a
major article to hit the press to try and get it picked up by the AP
and then reprinted in other news media citing AbleGamers as the
original source (every bit counts!). And it's nice to have a e-zine
about game accessibility written for gamers with disabilities.

Mark was telling me at GDC that he'd like to get some RSS feeds from
the SIG blog and Barrie's blog (with his permission, of course) to
help add even more content (with links back to the original source,
of course!). And he's always looking for writers so if you or any of
your students want to build up your writing resume please do email
him at ioo at ablegamers.com and I'm sure he will greatly appreciate the
help! And for gaming students, it never hurts to have some articles
on the ol' resume to show the different facets of involvement in the
game industry.

Sure, there are more established gaming e-journals and e-mags (not to
mention print journal and mags) out there but I see AbleGamers as
"our" (as in everyone fighting the good fight for game accessibility)
journal so let's help it grow! And there's nothing keeping you from
writing articles for multiple sources and audiences -- obviously
anything for AbleGamers is going to be focused on the disabled gaming
community where as a version for Gamasutra is going to be focused
more on connecting with developers. And the more press our issues and
projects get, the better!

Thanks again, Mark, for everything you've been doing to help out
gamers with disabilities through your site. I'm proud to have you as
a member of the SIG! Hell, I'm proud of all of us right now! Go
GA-SIG and all of the projects SIG members are involved with whether
it's an official SIG project or a solo effort!!! It's all good! :)


>Just wanted to share, it is a good one... Nothing that you have not

>heard I am sure, but enjoy.









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