[games_access] The ALERT Project is Finally Out

John Bannick jbannick at 7128.com
Thu Feb 28 05:25:44 EST 2008


Glad you like it.

I'll talk with our Marketing folks today and tomorrow (one is out until
Fri) about a joint SIG/7-128 press release to folks in special education at
the US and UK national level.

And, of course, please do mention ALERT at your special ed talk in Illinois
next week.
It's a good example of the SIG's growing influence on the games industry.
Is your talk to NASET?

If you would suggest ALERT to your friends in AERA that would be helpful.

I'm going to point our Marketing people at the AERA conference down in NYC
next month.
But I suspect it's too late to do much about that, other than what you tell
your colleagues about ALERT.

I hadn't considered educational conferences, but as a geek, I'm pretty much
focused on coding.
What do you suggest? Is there anything we could do as a SIG that would
further accessible games in education?
And I mean that across multiple game companies, not just our outfit.

In any event, I'll ping you Friday re the SIG/7-128 press release.
It does sound like an opportunity to do some good.



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