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Going further back to 1980:

Google Books turned up reference to accessible gaming:

"First published in 1980, "Disabled" examines the practical difficulties faced by people with a range of disabilities, and offers a range of practical solutions. From the psychological challenges faced by those with disabilities, to special needs for housing, communications, travel, to diet and nutrition, health care, sport, legal aid and educational opportunities, Lewis Forbes' offers an invaluable primer of disabled experience. "Disabled" remains a useful practical guide and reference to a host of long-term and everyday challenges."


"3. Recreational Aids: A. Indoor.

Indoor recreational facilities are the newest area in which the physically disabled can participate. There are many environmental and communicative television games on the market, today, that can be easily adapted to the individual needs of a handicapped person through the use of specially designed conductors. It is even possible for disabled children to operate the new electronic toys that are available today. Such development should be encouraged in children, as it will help to prepare them for equipment use in adult life if they are or should become physically disabled and require an aide to function properly."

How language changes through the decades!

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What I'm searching for:

A paper entitled "Adapting Audio/Video Games for Handicapped Learners" written by Karen Hughes in 1981 (the more than controversial "Year of the Disabled") and published in a journal called "Teaching Exceptional Children". All I have presently is:


Teaching Exceptional Children, v14 n2 p80-83 Nov 1981

Adapting Audio/Video Games for Handicapped Learners: Part 1 (by Karen Hughes)
"Guidelines for selecting electronic audio/video toys and games for children with handicaps are discussed, and information on 13 games (such as "Simon" and "Merlin") is provided. (CL)"

Teaching Exceptional Children, v14 n3 p127-29 Dec 1981

Adapting Audio/Video Games for Handicapped Learners: Part 2 (by Karen Hughes)
"Suggestions are made for using special adaptive equipment to modify audiovisual toys and games for the severely handicapped or to create games to achieve specific purposes. Three board and electronic games and three television games are described in terms of selection factors. (CL)"


If anyone can help with tracking down more on these two papers, I'd be very thankful. Seems like a local US based library may have the answers on microfiche. I've tried e-mailing the author but no luck as yet.

Can I get any geekier? Probably!



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