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Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
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It is a good thought - but in the Quadcontroller instance - would obviously
take some cash to do.

Not sure I agree on your single-switch thought, especially looking at some
of Eelke Folmer's students work on the likes of Second Life - although
granted - some games need a lot more adjustment that others.

PC gaming - anything emulated would work on this - so MAME and so on should
be great - especially as you can redefine the keys - although set-up and
redefining keys may be quite tricky at the out-set.

Software like JoyToKey
(http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/2/I/JoyToKey/JoyToKey.htm) allows you to set
the Quadcontroller as a mouse (for any web based games for instance) - and
also any key on the keyboard to any control.


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> Just received my KYE Quadcontroller and have been going through the

> games I've got around....


> Suggestion - a good way to get a game company to develop games that

> are accessible to physically disabled gamers that use stuff like this

> might be to just buy their lead architect/programmer one of these

> things. Developers love technical toys, Ken's controller is a

> wonderful piece of engineering that any good developer is going to

> hook up immediately and start playing with, and it's a real

> eye-opener!


> Single-switch control is so reduced that I'd expect it to be difficult

> beyond belief to control most games - but this thing has enough crazy

> buttons, levers, and blow holes that I *should* be able to play just

> about anything, but I can't because the games don't let me configure

> them well enough. Granted, I'm playing all Windows games so game

> controllers are kinda second to keyboard/mouse for inputs, but....

> wow.


> Question - What software is popular with these for Windows control and

> gaming? Anything that doesn't suck?


> Thanks,

> Mike

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