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Robert Florio arthit73 at cablespeed.com
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You could possibly use Joy to Key I believe it's a software that whatever
input for a game you have it programs it to that button just by pushing it.
But it's really confusing. The thing is with the quad controller
quadriplegics don't have the ability to write on the controller which button
correlates with life and it's really hard to memorize it for every game.

The quad controller from my experience that is I have used it a lot, is
excellent but not great. Still way too many buttons that you need to be
able to interact with in games these days that I think is ridiculous.


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Just received my KYE Quadcontroller and have been going through the
games I've got around....

Suggestion - a good way to get a game company to develop games that
are accessible to physically disabled gamers that use stuff like this
might be to just buy their lead architect/programmer one of these
things. Developers love technical toys, Ken's controller is a
wonderful piece of engineering that any good developer is going to
hook up immediately and start playing with, and it's a real

Single-switch control is so reduced that I'd expect it to be difficult
beyond belief to control most games - but this thing has enough crazy
buttons, levers, and blow holes that I *should* be able to play just
about anything, but I can't because the games don't let me configure
them well enough. Granted, I'm playing all Windows games so game
controllers are kinda second to keyboard/mouse for inputs, but....

Question - What software is popular with these for Windows control and
gaming? Anything that doesn't suck?

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