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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Fri Jan 18 15:04:34 EST 2008

>On Jan 18, 2008 2:22 AM, Barrie Ellis <barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk> wrote:

>> It is a good thought - but in the Quadcontroller instance - would obviously

>> take some cash to do.


>It's going to take cash for any major awareness program to work. I'd

>be more concerned about placing too many orders for Ken to serve his

>real clients - are there other controllers out there that might

>provide a similar experience and gadget factor? I'm serious though -

>I'll toss in some cash if anyone wants to start a pool to send them to

>the big game companies.

We are working on getting cash to build awareness but we're at the
point where we need even the most basic things. As of right now, I'm
personally $5000 in the red because we showed this (and other
controllers and games) at E4All back in October (who knew a "free
booth" meant $5k in contracters, voltage for the booth, carpet,
chairs -- alll required by the show). I'm having trouble paying bills
now and have had to take out an emergency loan. And we'd probably
need to call the person we'll be sending it to and convince them not
to just toss it aside because they have other things on their plate.

I like the idea -- but it's a WAY down the line idea. We could
perhaps purchase one for a few CEO and lead devs that "get it" with
regard to accessibility (or better yet...get them to donate to the
SIG and we'll buy it for them...). That is the work we do at GDC
(yikes...just a few more weeks) where we make personal contact with
these people. Things are slowly starting to change -- we have the
attention of a few CEO and devs now. But wholesale sending out of
these controllers to companies wouldn't do without us having that
personal connection. Devs love toys but without understanding why
this is even in existance is hard. Sadly, I've had devs who have
actually laughed at it (ok, it *is* a garage hack basically) --
that's when I move in for the kill...and tell them WHY it exists and
what if that was the only way THEY could game. Then it's not really
funny...and then we get their cards. Some may not want a
quadcontroller because they don't want to be unfair if they know that
what they can afford to put in their dev cycle is something that
helps out another disability group.

Anyway...I'm not AT ALL saying this is a bad idea...it's just that
fund raising right now is for us to keep surviving as a group. None
of us get paid and at the moment I don't even have a job while I
finish my dissertation. So that's our reality. We've been around for
most of this decade and it's just now that we are finally starting to
see a little bit of money trickle in.

BTW, the IGDA just started a spin off called the IGDA foundation.
Thanks to their help, we are now an official non-profit. So donations
are now tax deductible (at least US donations). So now we ARE in a
place where we can start to afford things like information packages,
DVDs with our examples on them, etc. No, I'll never get that $5k back
(some other members tried to raise some funds but the return on that
was around $50) and I'm accepting some really paid speaking
invitations (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada in late February anyone?)
in the hopes that it will help me pay the bills. But hopefully the
SIG will begin to get in a position to help defray future costs of
things like this. Maybe not $5k but at least in the future we can
begin to buy a booth at, say, Penny Arcade or GDC 2009/2010, etc.
After the $5 disaster we were unable to buy a booth at GDC 2008 -- it
would have cost $10k.

BTW, part two -- did you know that we have a grant that we are trying
to get matching funds for? If not and you want to donate (you can
even earmark money for a controller for company X and then we'll
start calling them up), let me know. Not sure what your
personal/company situation is but we will take anything we can get!)

Ok, I've talked enough. :) I really do understand and get your
suggestion and I think it's something we should start thinking about
every time we get a company's attention (especially the biggies!).
But at this moment we can't afford it. But we should keep it in mind
as a great goal to move toward!


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