[games_access] Game Accessibility Suite, and first prototype...

Barrie Ellis barrie.ellis at oneswitch.org.uk
Thu Jan 24 12:57:07 EST 2008

Hi Michael,

Regarding your speed control utility...

I personally think a Windows style point and click interface would suit many
(e.g. head-tracker users, eye tracker users, trackball users, touch screen
and so on). Bear in mind that triggering lots of clicks can be very
laborious for users - especially if they're using a dwell clicker. Equally -
not all can trigger a held mouse-click. Take a look at "Great Britain
Limited" http://demonews.com/download-3115.html for an example of
problematic control for adjusting parameters through dwell clicking.

I would also like to see a switch accessible menu for one or two switches -
and a joystick accessible menu. All reconfigurable if possible.


On top of this - a switch accessible menu would be great. Some switch users
can take control over the mouse pointer - but it can be quite laborious.
Scan and select is faster. It's critical to try to avoid clashing with the
game controls. Calling and exiting this software will need some thought for

There again - if you could build a menu based profile system - where you can
select a specific speed then have your utility start up the game you might
solve this problem (thinking of those using a single switch or two

> For an interface, I've written some test code for hooking into the

> DirectX rendering pipe and tossing an overlay on top of the game. So

> you'll at least be able to see the current speed. Right now I'm

> debating between a heads-up display showing the speed and allowing

> control via the joystick (e.g. left is slower, right is faster), or

> just cycling speeds and giving some visual feedback per button

> press... I like the first interface better, but unless I lock out the

> joystick from affecting the game itself you might end up running

> around in circles or off a cliff while trying to slow it down. The

> second wouldn't have that problem, but would be less natural IMHO.

> Any ideas ya'll have on this would be *much* appreciated.

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