[games_access] GDC 2008 Update + Non-Profit Status

Thomas Westin thomas at pininteractive.com
Thu Jan 31 15:33:30 EST 2008

and as always, thanks to you Michelle
-especially for the bullet points :)

great line up of companies

nice to hear about the IGDA foundation and non-profit organization,
makes our group more formally accepted which is great

I'll look into the DVD upload account tonight and write some manifest
file about the content


On 31 jan 2008, at 03.43, d. michelle hinn wrote:

> Hi everyone,


> I'll try to keep this brief (but you know I get carried away at

> times) ;)


> Just to keep everyone in the loop about GDC 2008 since so few of us

> are able to attend this year, we have quite a few exciting

> developments!


> First, a few thank you's are in order!


> * Thanks to Mark from AbleGamers, we have a sponsor for our fliers

> through his employer Parature who is sponsoring his trip costs as

> well!


> * Thanks to the hard work of Thomas and Reid, we'll have a limited

> edition (ie, number) of DVDs with tons of accessible games, demos,

> and more to give out to influential developers who we will walk

> amongst the week of Feb 18th!


> * Thanks to Eelke's generosity, we were able to squeeze in one more

> person with a pass -- so this year we will have both Mark Bartlet

> and Stephanie Walker, both of AbleGamers, with us and I look forward

> to their amazing energy, passion about games, and excitement about

> being able to attend GDC for the first time! The weird timing of GDC

> this year prevented many of you from attending but I think this will

> be a great year, although we will miss those of you who were unable

> to attend this year!


> (I know many more thank you's will be in order as we get closer to

> GDC and after!)


> Second, we have some exciting guests for Accessibility Arcade!


> * Natural Point/SmartNav will be donating their LATEST controller

> prototype (along with a representative to explain what's going on)

> plus some video and/or a prototype of their full body motion sensor

> work (which includes remapping to partial body motion that

> translates to full body movement in the player's avatar).


> * Emotiv will be presenting their highly publicized brain-based

> controller along with a representative from their company. Ed Fries

> (my boss's boss from the old Microsoft days) is one of their

> advisors and I was able to get in touch with their CTO who is

> working all the details out.


> * I'm in talks with Belkin to also present some of their new

> controllers, including a one-handed controller they showed at E4All


> What does all the above really mean? We now have some major

> companies (with booths who will let us leave our fliers at!) who

> will help us promote accessibility, are PROUD to show that their

> products can help gamers with disabilities (in addition to bringing

> games to so many more people, with and without disabilities), and

> may soon be financially assisting us as we continue to raise

> matching funds for our grant. AND...we'll be getting a MUCH bigger

> presentation room. :)


> Speaking of the grant...


> * The SIG is now officially a US Non-Profit through the newly

> established IGDA Foundation. I didn't want to say much until I had

> more details but we are now able to accept donations and provide tax

> deduction receipts to donors -- I'll post more specific details soon

> but I didn't want to sit on that any longer!


> * Ben and I are working hard to get more matching funds to help fund

> delegates to more conferences, equipment purchases, flashy

> brochures, a donor package explaining who we are and what we do, and

> more. The press release for "phase one" of this will come out right

> before GDC so my BIG job at GDC is acquiring as many additional

> funds as possible.


> And finally, a word about the IGDA Diversity Committee:


> * (ok more than "a" word) I've been gathering together the leaders

> of all the diversity SIGs in the IGDA (we are in the "diversity"

> committee, btw) in the hopes that we can sponsor a "diversity day"

> at next year's GDC and to raise awareness that gamers are no longer

> "just" 26 year old white males with no disabilities and neither are

> all game developers. We all know this is not true and it's time that

> we start to band together and learn from one another's groups in the

> hopes that ALL of our groups can continue to grow. There is a

> meeting planned for Tuesday afternoon for all (not just SIG leaders)

> those interested in working to make diversity a MAJOR issue within

> the IGDA!!!


> Ok. That's it. I know. That was long. But I used bullet points for a

> change. ;)


> Michelle

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