[games_access] For Your Eyes Only

John Bannick jbannick at 7128.com
Sat Jul 19 15:38:18 EDT 2008

Barrie et al,

Here's something new you might be interested in.

"Off-the-shelf designs are especially frustrating for the disabled, the
elderly and anybody who has trouble controlling a mouse. A new approach to
design, developed at the University of Washington, would put each person
through a brief skills test and then generate a mathematically-based
version of the user interface optimized for his or her vision and motor
abilities. A paper describing the system, which for the first time offers
an instantly customizable approach to user interfaces, was presented today
in Chicago at a meeting of the Association for the Advancement of
Artificial Intelligence."

The full story is at: http://uwnews.org/article.asp?articleID=42817

John Bannick
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