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Reid Kimball reid at rbkdesign.com
Sat Jul 19 17:12:04 EDT 2008

This is excellent work, I'm glad someone proved that customizing UI
can improve user experiences. The video I found on the site was really
helpful for understanding what they did,

I'll be on the look out for videogames that provide tests for players
and automatically tweak settings based on the results. I think some
have done this for mouse sensitivity. I know in Halo3, there is a test
at the start of the game where it asks you to use your right analog
stick to look up and down. If you mess up and move the stick in the
opposite directions, it will automatically invert the y-axis controls
to suit your behavior.

I'll be sending this to my UI artist friends in the industry to give
them food for thought.


On Sat, Jul 19, 2008 at 12:38 PM, John Bannick <jbannick at 7128.com> wrote:

> Barrie et al,


> Here's something new you might be interested in.


> "Off-the-shelf designs are especially frustrating for the disabled, the

> elderly and anybody who has trouble controlling a mouse. A new approach to

> design, developed at the University of Washington, would put each person

> through a brief skills test and then generate a mathematically-based

> version of the user interface optimized for his or her vision and motor

> abilities. A paper describing the system, which for the first time offers

> an instantly customizable approach to user interfaces, was presented today

> in Chicago at a meeting of the Association for the Advancement of

> Artificial Intelligence."


> The full story is at: http://uwnews.org/article.asp?articleID=42817


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