[games_access] Best Speech to Text Software

John Bannick jbannick at 7128.com
Sun Jul 20 09:24:15 EDT 2008


There is a new product named Utter Command, that makes Dragon Naturally
Speaking actually work.

It's produced by RedStart Systems: http://www.redstartsystems.com/

Their owner, Kim Patch, is a member of our Boston Voice User's Group.
She's a really competent tech and a good person.

You might also check out Vocola: http://vocola.net/

This is another Dragon add-on. It's free. Rich Mohr, who does this is also
a BVUG member and a long-time colleague.

I notice that his Web site does not mention his new Beta. When he demoed
it at our recent BVUG meeting it worked very well.

Check these two products out.

I've done a fair bit with voice input for our games. The people who know
about this emphasize the importance of having a good mike.

Finally, check out our BVUG site: http://www.bostonvoiceusers.org/
Don's got some good resource links there.

I'm personally not impressed by Nuance. Their techs I've met sound
competent, but their management seems challenged. I turned down an
invitation to interview there last year.

Sorry to hear about the Lyme.
Eleanor said she'd get you the eMail address for Marcia (one of us here)
who also has Lyme and has an outstanding set of resources for dealing with


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