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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Fri Jul 25 20:28:20 EDT 2008

Just in case some of you have read or watched "the last lecture" by
Randy Pausch, professor at Carnegie Mellon, lost his battle with
cancer today:


I knew him a bit from conferences (the CMU receptions at GDC) and a
few phone calls consultations he did with me (for free!) when I was
in the VR area and working with room size VR and accessibility -- he
had worked on some similar stuff while on sabbatical at Disney.

Anyway, just passing this along in case any of you have also been
affected by Randy's work over the years. I urge you to watch his
video on YouTube of his last lecture -- titled that for obvious
reasons -- he retired that day -- and was in answer to a challenge --
if you knew that you only had one last lecture to give, what would
you say? It's quite uplifting actually. He had a great sense of humor
and was brave (or at least braver than I'd ever seen anyone better)
at death's door.

We'll miss you, Randy!

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