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Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Sun Jul 27 06:09:59 EDT 2008


About me:
I am Sandra from Germany and study Computer Science in Media.
I started a private Initiative for machine dance (DDR), added exergaming,
added Games for health and now added game accessibility.

My main work is to learn about these topics, collect information and contacts.
When I think that someone can need it, I send the information/contacts to her/him.

German Game Event:
I have also contact to an organisator of a game event in germany.
I am looking for film, products and other things that can be shown there.

I am looking for contacts in Germany.
You can find my profile in xing.com

I think also that Game-Accessibility.com is very good.
This is one of my favourite resources at the moment.
Special the "Sound Alternative" article is very great.
Maybe it is possible to make and get an backup ?
Videos: it is easy to "repair" the links.
(They do not work with my mediaplayer. But
in the link there is the address of the video).
It has more information as the White Paper.

White Paper:
Is there an official link to this white paper ?
Is there an up to date version of the white paper ?

Cheats & Accessibility:
At the moment I learn about Game Accessibility.
And I am wondering how cheats can help to make games more accessible.
Unfortunately cheats are often enabled after finishing some tasks.

For example Tomb Raider Anniversary.
* All Weappon: can make "killing" enemies easier
* enemie is dead with one shot: can help to "kill" enemies
* Lara never dies, healthy
* texturless play, maybe this can help people with low vision
* breathe under water: can help for swimming and diving

The most interesting thing is the texturless play.
I would like to know if this can help people or does it make
the play also difficult ? Can it be used to make the game easier for
people with low visions ?

Also other gameplay things can maybe help:
Selecting the clothes for Lara. Maybe an all black or all white,
or whatever can help too ?

Maybe nice software:
I do beta testing for CamSpace.
There is still lots of things to do,
but the idea and the basic software is very good.

Sandra Uhling


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