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Hi Bryan,

I read your post on the games access mailinglist.

Would you be willing to participate in evaluation our blind accessible
client for secondlife?

Cheers Eelke

On 01/03/2008, Bryan <b-peterson at hotmail.com> wrote:



> Hi,

> Well some of you probably know me if you're subscribed to the Audyssey

> list. But for those who aren't, my name's Brya Peterson. I'm not currently

> an accessible game dev, but since it's an interest that's slowly grabbed my

> attention over the years and still refuses to let go of it again, I thought

> this would be a good place to come. As I've said before, though I'm not a

> developer I would like to try at some point to learn to develop games that

> are accessible at least to the blind, being a member of that community

> myself. Unfortunately, the kinds of games I'd like to see developed seem to

> be quite beyond the scope of our urrent list of devs. Not necessarily in

> terms of their skills but certainly beyond what any of them seems to be

> willing to attempt. My problem though is finding materials that can even

> begin to make the concepts of programing begin to make sense to me. Sure I

> wouldn't be developing a truly accessible audio RPG anytime soon, but that's

> one of my goals. But anyway, I thought I'd write and introduce myself since

> I just joined the list not long ago.

> Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.

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