[games_access] another quick introduction

John Bannick jbannick at 7128.com
Tue Mar 4 19:21:10 EST 2008


We've already shipped 6 of the planned 12 Inspector Cyndi in Newport games.
Their titles are:

1. Death Nell - Who murdered the Upstairs Maid?
2. The Forgetful Sailor - An amnesiac who is more than he appears to be
3. When Irish Spies are Smiling - Did the Fenians steal Mr. Hollands
experimental submarine, again?
4. Unfinished Symphony - Why did the trumpet player keel over into the
potted palm?
5. Lights Out - Who stole Muffy Huffington's engagement ring?
6. Fall from Grace - Who abducted Miss Helen Grace Stately?

We've shipped a bunch of puzzle and word games.
The blind-accessible ones are:

1. Kim's Game - A memory game from Rudyard Kipling's book
2. Orchestra - A musical memory game
3. Definitions - A word game
4. Synonyms and Antonyms - The word game equivalent of slalom skiing
5. Scrambled Sayings - Another word game

Plus the occasional free word games which appear on our Web site randomly.

Eelke's opportunity to participate in evaluation of his blind accessible
client for Second Life sounds ideal for your interest in social gaming.

We're offering our word games especially to the educational markets right
now; but they aren't formal teaching tools.

I personally like making story games.
We've got a new series under development right now, adventures set in
Sinister Cities of the 1920's.

Your idea about a horror game that exploited the lights-out in the dark
potential of creating an environment
that could appeal to both visually-impaired and sighted players is very
interesting. I've got to give that some serious thought.



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