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d. michelle hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Sun Mar 9 20:50:52 EDT 2008

Cool about GA.com, Richard -- thanks for the update!

I emailed the Accessibility4Gamers admin to ask if he/she would add
in something to the article text that makes it more obvious that it
is directly from a source separate from the site. Hopefully they will
be cool with that so that GA.com get's properly cited/quoted. It's
Richard and Sander's text -- not mine. Like I said, it bugs me when I
see things like that -- even if it's not my material. :)

Justice League for the Protection of Text Everywhere ;)



>Working on GA.com - unfortunately it is indeed floating somewhere

>towards neverneverland but some possibly interesting developments

>have arisen on the horizon... more news later when I know more...


>And for those on LinkedIn: I recently created a Linked In group to

>create a network of people interested in game accessibility. Check

>out my profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/richardvantol and view my

>groups, then click to join.







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>>One quick thing (albeit not a tiny concern): Note how their main

>>disability content is taken from game-accessibility.com...WITHOUT

>>QUOTES -- at least they linked to the source but they don't make it

>>very evident that it is not their content to someone who might not

>>know any better.


>>Sorry...whether they meant to do that or not, improper citations

>>really get under my skin! The SIG Whitepaper is an example of

>>something that's been wholesale taken and put out there under a

>>different organization's name so things like this bug me. Reid --

>>any idea who is running this site so that we can ask them to quote

>>these things better? Also, a lot of their links take me to some

>>"illegal activity" message (ie, the links in the bottom right hand

>>of the page). Not sure if anyone else is getting that -- probably

>>just a bug in their system.


>>Of course with game-accessibility.com floating out there for the

>>time being...we really need to figure out what needs to be done so

>>that it's not just sitting there getting moldy. Richard? Any news

>>on that? Let me know if there's someone I should be emailing about







>>>Just got this link from a friend. Looks like they are just starting

>>>up. Very similar to AbleGamers.com


>>>"Accessibility 4 Gamers is a website designed to inform gamers with

>>>disabilities about the availability of accessible games, software and

>>>equipment out there to help make gaming easier and have an equal play

>>>for online gaming."




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