[games_access] Ubisoft and Game Accessibility, Subtitle

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Either way, I'm still very happy they've committed to subtitles for
the dialog. Once you take that step and create technology for
subtitling, it's not hard to make the leap to closed captioning.

I'd like Mark to ask how this came about, what motivates them to make
this commitment? Also, let them know I am willing to share my
experience with CC and that I am creating a CC template to share with
developers that has common sounds captioned and translated into other


On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 2:01 PM, <hinn at illinois.edu> wrote:

> Update from Ubisoft PR:


> "We have not committed to closed captioning for the moment but to subtitles."


> They will be discussing this internally and will get back to us tomorrow about the details and an interview that Mark will do for AbleGamers. Perhaps we can help them take that extra step toward [cc]?


> Michelle


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>>Blog post on Ubisoft here (thanks again Sandra)...:




>>With links to guidance from Reid and DeafGamers. If anyone has anything more

>>to add - please let me know.







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