[games_access] Top ten ways to get mainstream game accessibility - according to visually impaired gamers ; )

AudioGames richard at audiogames.net
Mon Aug 17 05:04:41 EDT 2009


Recently there was a humorous thread on the Audyssey Blind Gamers Mailing List that I didn't want to keep from you. Honors go to
Phil Vlasak of http://www.pcsgames.net.

Top ten ways to get mainstream game accessibility

10. Organize all the guide dog owners in the country to visit mainstream game company headquarters and have their dogs poop on the
9. Kidnap the children of mainstream game company executives and hold them ransom until their games are Accessible.
8. Picket mainstream game company headquarters with Braille signs saying that they are discriminating to the blind.
7. Have every blind person in the world learn computer programming and require them to debug a line of game code before they can
read an audio book.
6. Start a charity, National Association of Accessible Games, and get people to donate millions of dollars, then hire sighted
programmers to develop accessible games.
5. Get all colleges to add a class of Accessible game development to all computer programming courses.
4. Get the NFB and ACB to protest that there are not enough mainstream game accessibility.
3. Petition Stevie Wonder to be the spokesperson for mainstream game accessibility.
2. Get all blind people to send a dollar to Thomas Ward so he can finish his accessible game engine.

And the top way to get mainstream game accessibility,

1. Visit the homes of mainstream game company executives and poke their eyes out.

Just for ...er... fun, of course ;)



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