[games_access] Towny Hawks Ride - (automatic scanning) menu

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Mon Aug 24 03:58:18 EDT 2009

Hi Reid,

this is just an idea and I do not know if it will make it easier:

It seems that controlling the menu is still difficult.
Here is an idea: Could the automatic scanning menu be used?
When you stand on the board the focus moves automatically to the next option.
The speed can be adjusted. To select one option you use your feet at the right side.
Like the speed-up-movement.

One big problem would be, that the automatic scanning menu is still very unknown by gamer.
And I do not know if this is really useful. What happen, when you move to right and left, ...

Some comments to the game in general:

>From exergaming point of view: the board and game is amazing!

I really love it. It is easy to learn. You just step on it and you can play.
You also do not have to hold a controller and this is very useful also, when you want to make competition.
The control fits the gameplay very good. And I love it, that the game and controller are developed together.
(Playing SSX3 with a board was very very very difficult and frustrating sometimes)
It looks like that also when you cannot do lots of tricks, you still can play to beat the time and be very fast.
I was looking for something like this :-)

Best regards,

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