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These are the latest Top Ten that we've discussed within the SIG and at AbleGamers and that I've spoken about and written about at several conferences and in articles. We're hoping that more will contribute to the AbleGamers site so that it becomes a resource for the most current information.

A few of us are working on a curriculum to include how to include game accessibility in classrooms -- please feel free to contact me at hinn at illinois.edu for additional information or Mark at mark at ablegamers.com


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>Hello there,


> The Top 10 that Michelle has written about has been loaded into the

>FAQ @ http://gameaccessibility.org




>The site has only been live a few weeks, so it is a little jagged

>around the edges, so please do not mind the mess.


>Mark Barlet





>On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 8:36 AM, Siobhan Thomas<four at nucleus.com> wrote:

>> Dear all,


>> I run the games program at London South Bank University in the UK and am

>> looking for resources which I can use to teach game accessibility within the

>> course. Do you have suggested any book, journal article suggestions?


>> It would be good to know if there is a comprehensive set of guidelines you

>> can suggest?


>> Finally, do you know of a quick list (e.g. the top 10 things you can do to

>> make your games accessible)--I know this is hard considering the diverse

>> range of impairments and disabilities but I would just use something like

>> this as a starting point...


>> siobhan

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