[games_access] disability or limitation?

D. Michelle Hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Tue Nov 3 14:23:56 EST 2009

I think the key here is, again, whatever a person or group of people
describing themselves feel comfortable with.

It's hard to imagine "functional diversity" working well because I
think it's a term that also sounds like you are describing 100% of
the population. To me, in US English, that term sounds like it could
apply to being dominantly right or left handed or being ambidextrous
or not being able to use hands or not having hands versus having
hands... you get the idea! :)

But that could be something lost in translation or culture? It would
be interesting to read about why the Spanish association decided on
that term -- is there anything in English that you know of that we
could read more about it at?


On Nov 3, 2009, at 1:09 PM, Javier Mairena wrote:


> I choose the example of the ligth to show that a people is disabled

> only because the society is not adapted to him.

> For example, today you can see me a say that im not a disabled

> person, but maybe in old times you can say that im disabled person

> because I dont have the strong enough to work in the works that a

> man is supposed to do.


> The change in Spain to "functional diversity" is a proposal of a

> spanish association of disabled people to the social state service.

> They choose the words.



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