[games_access] disability or limitation?

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Since this questions keeps coming up every once in a while, I would also
like to suggest browsing this lists archive:

http://seven.pairlist.net/mailman/private/games_access/ (you need to login
with your list login/pass, which you received by email when you registered)

There've been many threads concerning this particular issue and many terms
and words have already been debated in the past (I clearly remember some
excellent posts by Thomas in which his gives clear and usuable distinctions
between 'disability' and 'impairment'). Unfortunately the archives aren't
searchable, only browsable, so good luck ;)

Best regards,


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> Hello,


> What do you think about this?


> We always use the word "disability".

> Maybe it would be better to use another word?

> E.g. limitations?


> Lot of the features do help all gamers.

> And every gamer can be sometimes "disabled".


> Best regards,

> Sandra


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