[games_access] disability or limitation?

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Tue Nov 3 15:36:46 EST 2009

The tow traditional words in spanish are "discapacitado" that means
literally: "non capacited". And "minusválido" that means literally "less

Maybe these words sound worse in spanish that "disabled" people in english.

There is a full article in spanish about the "functional diversity" but is
all in spansish here:

I can translate some words:

none of the terms currently used is positive, or neutral. The functional
diversity has nothing to do with the illness, disability, paralysis,
retardation, etc.. All this terminology is derived from the traditional view
of the medical model of functional diversity, which presents a different
person as a person biologically imperfect to be rehabilitated and "fix"; to
restore some theoretical patterns of "normal"; than ever have existed.

Women and men with functional diversity are related companies, being
inherently imperfect, have established a model of perfection to which any
particular member of them has access, and defining how to be physical,
sensory or psychological and rules of social functioning. This model is
related to ideas of perfection and normality established by a large sector
that has power and the concept of purely quantitative majorities.

The term "functional diversity"; conforms to a reality in which a person
works differently or different from most of society.
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