[games_access] idea GamesCom 2010: a IGDA GA-SIG stand

D. Michelle Hinn hinn at uiuc.edu
Thu Nov 5 15:39:58 EST 2009

Hi Sandra,

That sounds interesting -- what are the costs associated with it?
I've done this before at other gaming conferences and have lost
literally thousand of dollars due to hidden costs (such as the
carpeting for the booth having to be paid to one company, the table
going to another company, and so forth). So we'd definitely need to
find out about that -- the last time I did this was sort of the last
straw for me, as I lost over $5000 personally because the SIG has no
funds and I was forced to cover it AT the conference. Also, we would
need to partner with many groups, as the SIG itself "owns" no
accessibility equipment, which is very important to show. And those
companies that make them (as well as most companies that make games
in this area) are not non-profits.

The SIG is a non-profit of sorts if we go through the IGDA Foundation
but I'm not sure that that "counts" in the EU -- I'd have to
investigate this. That is why we could not participate in Thomas
Westin's EU proposal -- we could not make that case quickly enough
since there were only days before the deadline. We also, as an
organization, are here to support game developers WITH disabilities
so that also is a source of great confusion when it comes to our non-
profit status.

The trouble is that "non-profit" is a legal term and I'm not sure
what proof that they would need to count us as such. AbleGamers, for
instance, is a legal non-profit in the US but is not yet a non-profit
outside the US. So anything you can find out would be very helpful!

Chair, IGDA Game Accessibility SIG

On Nov 5, 2009, at 2:10 PM, Sandra Uhling wrote:

> Hi,


> just an idea:

> We have a very nice "non-profit" area at the GamesCom.

> What do you think about it, that this SIG will have a stand there?

> It would be a small place and there are lots of other non-profit

> organizations.


> I do have contact to the person who organize it.



> Best regards,

> Sandra


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