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I don't think you are off topic. I'd take a look at how the paraolympics and special olympics do some things if you are looking at a sporting perspective and how assistive tech has been used there -- might find some useful things to bring into eSports.

I was only confused the other day because I hadn't read through the archives yet because I was trying to catch up quickly after losing my email and net connection for so many days and I always find the cheating issue odd...evening out the playing field is a good term but it's also not entirely right as you guys have pointed out. I'm not sure universal accessibility can really ever be fully realized...it seems like something to aspire to but even as we see with [cc] -- sometimes the [cc] gives a different sort of advantage in some ways just as it can give a disadvantage in other ways.


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>Hello Matthias,



>"even playing field" is very good. Because this term is already used in eSport :-)


>I know we cannot change everything. But it would be great to have some main barriers removed.

>[CC] could be one of this.


>And one point is:

>* do we have already Leagues with blind gamer?

>* is there an interest to have this?

>* what kind of games could be used?


>I am wondering if blind gamers are interested in this.

>They have to ask for it themselves and get active themselves.

>I ask the german blind gamers if they are interested showing audio games on events.

>But it looked like no one was interested. Of course I know that this is a huge effort for them,

>to make this. But I have the feeling that they are not very interested in changes.



>(I hope this is not too off-topic and not disturbing.

>I have some voluntary work to do with eSport.

>So I got some question in my mind.)


>Best regards,



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