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Hi, Sandra:

Awesome. Sports in general have broadened their audience from technological imporovements across the board.

I don't know of blind eSport leagues. However, there are leagues for blind "gamers" - but not what you may think.

There's an international game called "BeepBall". It's similar to Baseball.


If I were targeting an audience, I would say I don't just need a blind audience to pitch my blind eSport idea to - I need a blind audience that plays sports (a subgroup that feels the desire to compete) to pitch my idea to. I could be very wrong, but I don't think it's the excersize Beep Ball players are after... otherwise, they'd do something easier than travel around the world to play each other.

I don't have an informed opinion on what types of games could be used, but I hope the Beep Ball example is encouraging. Perhaps the beep ball example suggests something internationally popular or even a bit casual - like chess. eBoard games shouldn't be left out of the equation, either.



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> Hello Matthias,



> "even playing field" is very good. Because this term is already used in eSport :-)


> I know we cannot change everything. But it would be great to have some main barriers removed.

> [CC] could be one of this.


> And one point is:

> * do we have already Leagues with blind gamer?

> * is there an interest to have this?

> * what kind of games could be used?


> I am wondering if blind gamers are interested in this.

> They have to ask for it themselves and get active themselves.

> I ask the german blind gamers if they are interested showing audio games on events.

> But it looked like no one was interested. Of course I know that this is a huge effort for them,

> to make this. But I have the feeling that they are not very interested in changes.



> (I hope this is not too off-topic and not disturbing.

> I have some voluntary work to do with eSport.

> So I got some question in my mind.)


> Best regards,

> Sandra

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