[games_access] Big Win for Disabled Games looking to play AION

Mark Barlet mark at ablegamers.com
Fri Sep 18 10:43:29 EDT 2009

Hey all,

On Monday AbleGamers published a story related to the anti-botting
software "GameGuard" and we highlighted the fact that AION, a highly
anticipated upcoming MMO had this software all over it. On there (now
closed) beta forums there were a few posts from disabled gamers who
expressed issue with the software disabling their adaptive

You can read our story here

Well late in the evening yesterday the NCSoft NA people announced that
they were going to release the game in the US without GameGuard. They
said, "After analyzing our open beta test results Aion will not
feature GameGuard at launch. We will however continue to pursue ways
to effectively utilize GameGuard within Aion in the future. Right now
we're focused on providing players with the best possible Aion

While we know that there were debates going on in the halls of NCSoft
for a few weeks now about this issue, I am sure that the press that
this story made was a tipping point in making the decision not to move
forward with GameGuard.

To those that work for NCSoft on the list, THANK YOU.

Mark C. Barlet

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