[games_access] Big Win for Disabled Games looking to play AION

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Hey Sandra!

Yes, it's a tricky balance. I think that having the disabled gaming community speak out gives our fight for game accessibility more grounding.

Harmonix (Rockband) is an example of a company that we've had a good relationship with from the start -- they are a very cool company to work with. So, yes, it doesn't always need to be a big article about something that a company is doing that has resulted from months (even years) of trying to tell them what's going on, what is not accessible that used to be. More often than not, the relationships are born from discussions at conferences and such. It's only when there's obviously a run around that an article gets run to say "hello! gamers want to play! you are ignoring us!!"

We do post accessibility feature articles on companies that on their own take the initiative to put something accessible in their games. We do that more often than a strongly worded protest article. (I'm not in charge of the editorial content on the site -- I work elsewhere within the organization).

Anyway, some times you do have to yell and scream if a company is about to do something that will block out gamers with disabilities, especially when you can't get in touch of the decision makers. But diplomacy is always the first strategy.


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>we had also some kind of trouble with exergaming. When we "rate" a game, we need be very careful.

>Everyone has difference experience, different exceptions and another point of view.

>Also there can be some misunderstandings...


>I learnt that is is always good to mention the background information and the reasons.

>Because the article is from ablegamers.com, I think it is clear, that it is from point of view of disabled gamers.


>But maybe sometimes it is good to be little bit careful?

>I did not understand everything. So I cannot say.


>I think personally that it would be great for both sides to add information about developments:

>e.g. partnership or comments form the other side, reaction and if there are some changes.

>I think that would help both sides.


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