[games_access] Big Win for Disabled Games looking to play AION

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Mon Sep 21 13:41:12 EDT 2009


we had also some kind of trouble with exergaming. When we "rate" a game, we need be very careful.
Everyone has difference experience, different exceptions and another point of view.
Also there can be some misunderstandings...

I learnt that is is always good to mention the background information and the reasons.
Because the article is from ablegamers.com, I think it is clear, that it is from point of view of disabled gamers.

But maybe sometimes it is good to be little bit careful?
I did not understand everything. So I cannot say.

I think personally that it would be great for both sides to add information about developments:
e.g. partnership or comments form the other side, reaction and if there are some changes.
I think that would help both sides.

Best regards,

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