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Hi Aaron,

Definitely the split controller is of benefit to a number of people who can't bring their hands together closely (see this guy in Japan who uses his on PS2, PS3 and PC - http://uetora.blog112.fc2.com/blog-entry-95.html).

Some people find using sticky pads helps to make the D-pad more accessible, or use thumb-stick extensions/adaptations: http://www.kontrolfreek.com/

Those HORI Separate controllers are currently exceptionally rare. However, SplitFish have some alternatives (PS3/PC/Mac) here: http://www.splitfish.com/

It's not perfect for making comparisons, but the Accessible Gaming Shop here: http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/1/AGS.htm - has a good list of many accessible controllers.



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Subject: [games_access] Game Controller Brain Storming

-- I can't remember if I asked this before on this list, so please kindly excuse me if I have. --

Anyway, How many physically disabled games would benefit from a Playstation 2 style controller split into two equal sections?

I would because while I can use a trackball & a on-screen keyboard, I can't hold my arms together to use a stock Playstation 2 controller.

Via Google searching, I found a few with a similar configuration but these have awkward to bad button placement.

Is there a list online somewhere that has a round up of the most accessible controllers currently available that I could compare my ideas with?


Aaron aka BlazeEagle


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