[games_access] IGDA Newsletter, Great Story on Page 16 and 17.

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Wed Feb 10 06:37:53 EST 2010

Hi Barrie,

that is one of the reason why we should always work in a team. :-)
Game Accessibility is very complex and sometimes confusing.

Usually it is not possible to make it accessible for all.
The only thing we can do is to reduce barriers and give feedback.

And this is something that works very well in this group.
I like it that the members help each other and give friendly feedback.

It would be great, when this would be the same with exergaming groups ;-)

Best regards,


Barrie wrote:

Thanks for the support, Joshua! We appreciate it.

I think Mark had done a great job promoting this article as I've seen it all
over the place, and the IGDA mag is looking very nice. A great improvment:


I do think there are some overblown (perhaps just over enthusiastic
statements) as regards the Dragon Age: Origin's overall accessibility, such
as: "However, the relatively small font size was immediately addressed by
Bioware, bringing the number of accessibility problems to zero." and "Orders
can be issued during the pause, allowing anyone to keep up with the game no
matter the level of cognitive impairment.". I don't agree with those
statements as I know a lot of players who just can't grasp RPG's, couldn't
manage the control scheme, and some of whom wouldn't get on with the
graphics as they stand. However, I can't take away the fact that Mark is
making some waves and the push for greater accessibility is a good thing.
I'd say, good effort, but don't forget the niche-of-a-niche disabled gamers.
Now how arrogant do I sound?!

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