[games_access] A personal note on the IGDA Board of Director elections...

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Sat Feb 20 07:02:04 EST 2010

Hi Sheri,

thank you very much for this very important reminder.
Can student members also vote? I do not have access.


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Note: This email comes to you from me, Sheri Rubin, as a general IGDA
member. This is not an endorsement for anyone as a SIG chair or chapter
coordinator or any of that. It's me, the member, who is taking an active
interest in this year's elections.

Hi everyone,

This is your best opportunity to help select the leadership that runs the
org and will be working to help all of us improve the IGDA and industry as a

You can read about the candidates here:

If you're interested in some additional info Scott Macmillan has put
together additional commentary and background on all of the candidates and
posed more questions to them too:

Finally, you should vote here: http://www.igda.org/2010election/BoDVote

Personally there are a few people I'd like to draw your attention to
specifically, if you haven't voted yet, who have never been on the board
before that could be crucial to the success of community efforts of SIGs,
like this one.

I believe David Edery, Michelle Hinn, Jane Pinckard, and Ian Schrieber will
all be great supporters of SIGs if elected to the board.

Wendy Despain. She's on quite a few SIGs, is in charge of the writing SIG,
and knows what SIGs need. Do it! Please!

Darius Kazemi (www.dariusforigda.org). This dude has been campaigning for a
year now and I think and it's well deserved. Please vote for Darius!
(There's even a Darius for IGDA facebook group for those on facebook.) While
he's primarily been a chapter guy I have talked with him on many occasions
and I know he'll work to support SIGs too.

Seriously - this vote is important, beyond important. I would definitely
recommend that out of any year you've been a member THIS is the year to make
sure you get your votes in!

I have >NEVER< campaigned publicly before on any of these elections and I
hope you take that as a sign of just how important I feel these elections
are to the organization as a whole.

I'm happy to talk to anyone off-list about any of the statements I've made
or anything else related to the IGDA in general.

With much respect,
Sheri Rubin
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