[games_access] A personal note on the IGDA Board of Director elections...

Sheri Rubin sheri at designdirectdeliver.com
Sat Feb 20 12:33:36 EST 2010

Hi Sandra,

You must be a full "standard" member to vote.


Sandra Uhling wrote:

> Hi Sheri,


> thank you very much for this very important reminder.

> Can student members also vote? I do not have access.


> Regards,

> Sandra


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> Note: This email comes to you from me, Sheri Rubin, as a general IGDA

> member. This is not an endorsement for anyone as a SIG chair or chapter

> coordinator or any of that. It's me, the member, who is taking an active

> interest in this year's elections.


> Hi everyone,


> This is your best opportunity to help select the leadership that runs the

> org and will be working to help all of us improve the IGDA and industry as a

> whole.


> You can read about the candidates here:

> http://www.igda.org/igda-board-directors-2010-candidate-statements


> If you're interested in some additional info Scott Macmillan has put

> together additional commentary and background on all of the candidates and

> posed more questions to them too:

> http://www.macguffingames.com/2010/igda-elections-candidate-scrutiny/


> Finally, you should vote here: http://www.igda.org/2010election/BoDVote


> Personally there are a few people I'd like to draw your attention to

> specifically, if you haven't voted yet, who have never been on the board

> before that could be crucial to the success of community efforts of SIGs,

> like this one.


> I believe David Edery, Michelle Hinn, Jane Pinckard, and Ian Schrieber will

> all be great supporters of SIGs if elected to the board.


> Additionally:

> Wendy Despain. She's on quite a few SIGs, is in charge of the writing SIG,

> and knows what SIGs need. Do it! Please!


> Darius Kazemi (www.dariusforigda.org). This dude has been campaigning for a

> year now and I think and it's well deserved. Please vote for Darius!

> (There's even a Darius for IGDA facebook group for those on facebook.) While

> he's primarily been a chapter guy I have talked with him on many occasions

> and I know he'll work to support SIGs too.


> Seriously - this vote is important, beyond important. I would definitely

> recommend that out of any year you've been a member THIS is the year to make

> sure you get your votes in!


> I have >NEVER< campaigned publicly before on any of these elections and I

> hope you take that as a sign of just how important I feel these elections

> are to the organization as a whole.


> I'm happy to talk to anyone off-list about any of the statements I've made

> or anything else related to the IGDA in general.


> With much respect,

> Sheri Rubin

> IGDA Profile: http://www.igda.org/user/31196



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