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Hello Mark,

I waited for responses of the VDVC group,
but at the moment we still have to teach the basics to the members.
So it is only me who has questions:

My question is: How can we support developers who are interested in Game

Best regards,

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Hello Everyone,

As you know The AbleGamers Foundation is among those working with the
Games for Health Project to put on Game Accessibility day as part of
Games for Health in Boston May 25-27.

One of the ideas we've been tasked with is thinking about how we could
have a real group participation session that might result in some
brainstorming and output that could be valuable to the large GA

So here is a question for this group. If we have 60 people in the room
from all over the technology, game development, therapy, and academia,
and we were to devote time to opening the floor up for brainstorming
and finding solutions what would be the questions you would like to
see answered?

If you have any questions about this or that lets talk about here so
that I can use this amazing brain trust in the room and see what comes
of it. What we plan to do from there is publish the answers in an
article on Gamasutra, and Games For Health and AbleGamers that evening
for everyone to see and spur further public participation.

To kick things off one idea I had was to potentially brainstorm what a
site for parents of disabled gamers might look like. What would be a
well done parent 101 site on accessibility for games look like and how
might we rapidly design, build, and publish it?

An idea Ben Sawyer had was what would be the script in terms of time
(e.g. 5 minutes on this topic, 4 minutes of this speaker) that would
make up the ultimate 60 minute documentary on games accessibility?

Send me over your thoughts I will get them all on a list, and lets see
how many we can put to the group.


Mark Barlet

President and CEO
The AbleGamers Foundation

The AbleGamers Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity that advocates
for greater accessibility in the digital entertainment space.
Visit our site, http://www.ablegamers.org
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