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One handed controllers - Novint Falcon
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Sent: Sun, July 4, 2010 3:16:01 PM
Subject: Re: [games_access] Game accessibility survey journal article

Just finished reading the Game Accessibility survey. Very good! I found the
bulk of it really smartly explained, with excellent diagrams and tables. Very
useful. Very Nice!

My 10 pence worth...

p7. 3.1.1: One-handed controller typically provides only one analogue input...
Apart from the Wii, the only game console one-handed controllers in recent
production I'm aware of have both analogue sticks available (Access controller
and "one hand controller" - http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/1/AGS/AGS-onehand.htm).

p8. 3.1.2: OneSwitch.org.uk isn't actually non-profit, although there is tons
of free stuff. Over 100 one-switch games now for free. Thank you for the

p9. 3.1.3: Frogger - all good points about this game, but might have been worth
mentioning that you can move left and right, when you hop on the moving logs
and turtles.

p14 3.5: Universal design does not indicate that all impairments are supported,
but rather that multiple types of impairments are supported... I always thought
it did, but simply hasn't been managed yet. Doesn't seem to make sense to me

p16: For example, a one-switch racing game does not allow the player to brake or
speed up because certain input options may have been removed to allow for
input... Can be done. Using the 4Noah utility and Destruction Derby on a PSone
emulator, at Kit 4 Kidz in Leeds earlier this year, we had tap to cycle between
left-nothing-right-nothing-(and repeat) for steering, and hold for a couple of
seconds then release to cycle between accelerate-nothing-reverse-nothing-(and
repeat). Because Destruction Derby has helpful barriers all around the track to
help keep you on course, plus a self-righting system if you get spun in the
wrong way, it's quite playable for someone with really accurate one-switch
skills. You could also have a game with auto-braking (e.g. F355 Challenge and
Forza 3), and perhaps Mario Kart style speed ups on the track.

p16 4.3: ...severe motor and visually impaired players can only play games
within a limited number of game genres. Popular game genres [20] such as
strategy, sports and role playing games are not yet available to those groups.
Unlike hearing impaired players, severe motor impaired and visually impaired
players typically face critical barriers preventing them from playing the
game.... I guess it depends upon the degree of visually impairment, but wonder
if some of these would be playable: http://www.oneswitch.org.uk/2/sd-sport.htm ?

My final thoughts links to the lack of games for cognitively impaired players.
I do agree that it's a complicated area, but when taking into account learning
disabled users, I'm surprised only a handful of games were found:



In my experience, a lot of more severely "learning disabled" people have
reacted well to some one-switch games, or games that use relatively simple
interfaces, such as eye-toy and basic joysticks. Some of course get on better
than I do with complicated games.



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Subject: Re: [games_access] Game accessibility survey journal article

> I've read the article and it is very, very good! Because the permissions are

>owned by the journal, he cannot post it online because they (Springer) are very

>strict with permissions. But he can send you a copy as he said. :) Eelke didn't

>mention it but he's second author on it and although it goes without

>saying...the quality is excellent!


> Michelle


> On Jul 4, 2010, at 1:53 PM, Brannon Zahand wrote:


>> Eelke,


>> Can I get a copy as well?


>> Thanks,

>> Brannon


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>> Eelke,


>> May I request an electronic copy of your student's paper on game



>> Thanks!


>> Kestrell



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>>> Hi,


>>> For those of you interested in: 1) a comprehensive overview of

>>> academic literature on game accessibility; 2) a synthesis of

>>> strategies used to make games for sensory, motor and cognitive

>>> impairments; and 3) data on how many people in the US are unable or

>>> limited in playing video games per type of impairment, a journal paper

>>> called: "Game Accessibility: a Survey" written by my student Bei Yuan

>>> is available online at:




>>> Email me offline if you would like a copy of this paper and you don't

>>> have access through a university library.


>>> --

>>> Best, Eelke


>>> Eelke Folmer

>>> Assistant Professor

>>> Department of Computer Science and Engineering

>>> University of Nevada, Reno

>>> http://www.eelke.com

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