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Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Wed Jul 28 07:57:46 EDT 2010

Thanks for your comments.

Eleanor wrote:

> Also I consider speech impediments and learning disabilities

> such as dyslexia as types of cognitive impairments.

So cognitive disability is the main category for this?
Why is it "speech impediment"? Can I also say "speech disability"?
For the point of view of developers I would like to make "Speech
impediments" as one main category.

# Update:
How can someone be disabled: [viewpoint of designers]
* Visual
* Auditory
* Mobility
* Cognitive
* Speech / linguistic [Which is better?]
* Elderly people (Silver Gamer)

The disability is called:
* Visual disability
* Hearing disability
* Physical disability [or mobil disability?]
* Cognitive disability
* speech impediment [? But this is a technical word?]
* Mix of age related disabilities

Some gamers do have also more than one disability.

Thomas wrote:

> What I mean is we must consider who we write the definition for.

> Within the IGDA I think we should focus on developers.

The point is: they need to know and understand how a disability can effect
So disability seems to be better than impairment, right? Also I think that
it is better understand international.

# Update:
"Game Accessibility can be defined as the ability to play a game even when
functioning under limiting conditions.
Limiting conditions can be functional limitations, or disabilities - such as
blindness, deafness, mobility, speech or cognitive limitations." IGDA

Beside this, Game Accessibility offers a huge added value also for
non-disabled gamers.
They can sometimes also be limited in playing a game. [is the order of the
words correct?]
It can enhance the usability and game experience of beginners, silver gamers
and hardcore gamers.

Thomas idea:
In certain contexts anyone can be disabled or abled. Game accessibility is
about adapting the environment to fit individual needs, such as being able
to see, hear, grasp, understand or in other ways interact with a computer

Best regards,

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