[games_access] Serious Games Conference (DE)

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Sat Mar 6 14:11:29 EST 2010


I am very very very sad, angry .... and-what-ever ....

I have the feeling that "Game Accessibility" is completely ignored.
They are all very proud about the games and use the term "accessible",
but in another way as we do :-(

I wrote the organizer two years ago, that game accessibility is very!
Important. But they do ignore it. (Or was someone asked to present

Serious Games are serious and I think they have a very high responsible.
Special when they make games for schools. They say that the government has
To support more projects. But they first should look at themselves.

In Germany all kids are now allowed to go to a normal/regular school.
And this will have also impact on media used in schools.
When games are not accessible they cannot used in schools or it would be

Microsoft has a new Project "IT Fitness" (is not exergaming :-) )
It means that they would like to have more people who can use a computer and
Know what they can do with it.

They can do big wonder like Natal, but they cannot make a user configurable
The commercial says windows 7 is great, but they cannot built in a

Sandra, *very frustrated*

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