[games_access] how to get the basis version of genesis

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Sat Mar 6 17:57:18 EST 2010


here is a short information how to download the basis version of genesis.

@ Barrie, sorry that it took a little bit time.

1: Register:
http://World-of-genesis.org -> Registrierung

Name, Last Name, Email, User name, password, password, job, company,
address, post code, town, phone, fax, website,
And where did you hear from this project. Click on "hier registrieren".

2. Click on the link in the email you get. (it is the link in the middle)

3. You get an email

4. Go tot he website http://www.world-of-genesis.org/ -> Login/Logoff
Type in Benutzername (your user name) and your password
-> Go to Download / Bestellung and click on "kostenlose
(free basic version)

(this I did not try out yet)
5. Install it. During installation you will need your registration data
You can find it, when you loged in and go to this site:

Click on "Aktivierung für registrierungs- und kostenpflichtige Spiele".

Best regards,

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