[games_access] Mozilla Labs: Game On 2010 @GDC

Jonathan Chetwynd j.chetwynd at btinternet.com
Tue Oct 5 08:22:30 EDT 2010

Mozilla Labs: Game On 2010 @GDC
"Mozilla Labs is excited to announce the launch of our first
international Open Web Games competition: Game On 2010."[1]

as most of you will know, I have been advocating the need for and
benefits of a web games standard for some years.[2]

So I am really delighted and encouraged by this initiative to develop
browser-native games.

I have asked the Director Pascal to consider an Accessibility strand,

and my entry XGS or XML Go Server is currently under active
development: http://www.honte.eu

though not yet conformant to current accessibility guidelines!


Jonathan Chetwynd


[1] http://mozillalabs.com/gaming/2010/09/30/game-on-2010-is-here/
......"We have a bunch of great prizes and will fly out the overall
winner to next year’s Game Developer Conference and Independent Games
Festival in San Francisco where we will give you the red carpet
treatment including a behind-the-scenes tour of Mozilla HQ in Mountain
View, California – all expenses paid."

[2] The rising tide of scientific data available on the web, has the
potential to help us consider the complex problems that concern us
today, and simulation games can help us visualize, model and plan for
alternative futures. However, the modularisation of knowledge has
limited communication across subject domains, and copyright
legislation and business practices may need to change, if the many new
visualisation tools needed are to be interoperable and share common
interfaces. A game standard and specification for the web, together
with easy-to-use authoring tools for creating browser-native games
that use real-world XML data; could enhance communication, and engage
the public in the understanding of science, and its progress.

that's the abstract for the chapter: Browser-native games that use
real-world xml data
from the book: Business, Technological and Social Dimensions of
Computer Games

let me know offlist if you would like to read more...

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