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Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Sat Oct 9 16:49:21 EDT 2010


my first Rehacare. It was very interesting. The main topic is the UN Convention of course.
But it does not look very good. They have arguements about some terms and
the cities do not work together, of course.... :-(
(Maybe they should ask the UN, when they do not understand it?)

So time for the good points:
Very intersting learning games:

They have "standard" accessibility and something I did not new before:
"Dwelling": the pointer is moved to the button/place and not moved.
After a certain time, this is recognised as "click". = similar to some gesture recognition systems
Does Ubisoft also call it "Dwelling" ?

Nintendo is interested in games for health, they are open also for input.
Well this is my new opinion I got. Maybe I can meet some at the event in Paris,
we will see ...

They work together with health care companies. And it is possible to give feedback.
So hopefully they will look at the information about silver gamer.

Seetech is a Eye Control system, but it is very expensive. (13.000 Euro)
Are eye control systems expensive? They said it is important that the eye control
software runs also in the front. So it works very often not with flash games.
The user has to change the action of left and right click via menu. This needs lots of time.

One links for Barrie:
www.computer-fuer-Behinderte.de They sell standard accessibility hardware and do develop special customer hardware

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