[games_access] Fifa Xbox360 Demo - user defined control!

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Thu Oct 14 04:13:08 EDT 2010


I just played the Fifa 11 demo for the Xbox360.
I hope I found the right words in English.

Classic Control:
sprint, through ball, short pass, flank

Alternative Control:
Like classic, shot and flank are interchanged

2 Button Control:
sprint, shot, pass

Well, I counted 4 button in the 2 Button mode:
Sprint, shot, pass, move the figure

There are also many help function:
Help to get the right direction, speed, ...

But I do not know if these are new and if they are related to the "2" Button
Additional it is possible to reconfigure all Controls like you want.

It would be very interesting in the feedback of some able gamers.

Best regards,

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