[games_access] eAccessibility?????

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Fri Oct 22 17:02:36 EDT 2010


I do not have words for this. I do not understand it.
Are people so stupid?

There are lots of words and terms that fail because of different
You can see this very well when you look into the discussion about the new
UN Convention.

In Paris they said eAccessibility is elderly Accessibility (without disabled
elderly people).
The Disabled People international (DPI) says eAccessibility is ICT
In Germany they translated inclusion with integration.

There are lots of developments in eAccessibility that focus only on "easy to
Why do we spend so much money for things not all can use?
Why do we talk and discuss so much about terms? And why do people often want
to misunderstand words?
Why do we still built houses (special hospitals) that ignore knowledge about

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