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Sat Oct 23 05:42:53 EDT 2010

Many thanks, Simon for dealing with this so promptly. Does leave me
wondering though: What (if anything) stops a person from placing adverts
that are very likely to offend many people again on Gamasutra? If GAO is a
self-serving network, can I post anything I like, and expect to see it
appear on your pages? I'd be very worried if I left my own web-site so
vulnerable to abuse.

Kind regards,

Barrie Ellis

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Subject: RE: [games_access] Cripplewars...

> We were unaware of the content, and have already removed the advertisement

> from Gamasutra and are also instructing Game Advertising Online (a sister

> company) to remove it from their ad network overall. We were unaware of

> the content - GAO is largely a self-service network so we don't control

> the content directly - so when Ben brought it to our attention, we

> immediately acted on it.


> We also genuinely apologize - we are not interested in serving ads like

> this.


> Thanks,

> Simon Carless

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> From: Barrie Ellis [oneswitch at gmail.com]

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> Dear Sales Team for Gamasutra,


> I was recently made aware (see below) of a very unpleasant advert from

> "CrippleWars.com" being advertised on Gamasutra. I find the tone and

> content

> of this advertised site depressing and nasty. What other similar adverts

> are

> you prepared to run I wonder? Paki-wars. Faggot-wars. Nigger-wars? I'd

> like

> to think not. But then I'd didn't think you'd ever run anything like

> CrippleWars.


> Very disappointed in you... Will Gamasutra continue to run stuff like

> this?

> If so, I'll be unsubscribing.


> Barrie Ellis

> www.OneSwitch.org.uk and member of IGDA's Game Accessibility Special

> Interest Group



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> Subject: [games_access] Cipplewars...


>> Did anyone see this yet?

>> http://www.cripplewars.com


>> I found it via an add on Gamasutra.com (no doubt it originates from their

>> games ad network they bought)


>> The developer wrote on a forum elsewhere on the Web...

>> "I find the concept of both physical and mental cripples fighting both

>> humorous and politically incorrect (a positive in my book)."


>> I attached (if possible via mail list) the screenshot of the ad running

>> on

>> Gamasutra.


>> - Ben






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