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In some countries in Asia, accessibility and disability are very difficult to translate as well. In Japan and China, "barrier-free" is used for accessible but, unfortunately, disability will often be translated to "deformity" (ie, instead of saying a person is disabled they will say that they are deformed).

So this adds to the confusion as I learned this summer!


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>I do not have words for this. I do not understand it.

>Are people so stupid?


>There are lots of words and terms that fail because of different


>You can see this very well when you look into the discussion about the new

>UN Convention.


>In Paris they said eAccessibility is elderly Accessibility (without disabled

>elderly people).

>The Disabled People international (DPI) says eAccessibility is ICT


>In Germany they translated inclusion with integration.


>There are lots of developments in eAccessibility that focus only on "easy to


>Why do we spend so much money for things not all can use?

>Why do we talk and discuss so much about terms? And why do people often want

>to misunderstand words?

>Why do we still built houses (special hospitals) that ignore knowledge about



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