[games_access] My Green City, an ecologic and accesible videogame

Javier javier.mairena at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 17:41:37 EDT 2010

I am pleased to show you a free web game developer for us with a lot of
accessibility :)

You can see some pics and description here (in Spanish):

Or read this English description:

My Green city is a video game based on Salmah
Star's<http://www.salmahstar.com/>universe and developed by The
Game Kitchen <http://www.thegamekitchen.com>(www.thegamekitchen.com)
with AccessAble
Games <http://www.accessablegames.com> (www.accessablegames.com) as
accessibility advisor.

You can play the game for free at: www.salmahstar.com, click on chess icon
called "videojuego" at the bottom.

The game’s main goal is to clean up an entire level, disposing of all trash.
The first thing to do is to make our character meet the woman in white
(Estrella Munt) so that Salmah becomes Salmah Star. After the
transformation, music will change and fans will start to show up and follow
Salmah Star. Fans following Slmah Star will clean trash.

The game is controlled by the arrow keys or mouse.

Following accessibility options and game design concepts are included in
this game:

*For mobility impairment*:
Game speed configuration.
One-button mode.
One-button mode plus automatically stops on crossroads.
Voice control (one-button mode with a microphone as button).
Head tracking mouse friendly mode (no click mode).

One-hand control.
No simultaneous key press needed.

*For hearing impairment*:
Adjustment of music volume and sound effects, separately.

None of the game elements is exclusively based on auditory

*For visual impairment:*
High contrast mode.

Different shapes for each game element.
Sound alerts.
Not based on color recognition.

*For cognitive impairment:*
Some of the previously mentioned configuration modes might be
Game speed adjustment.
One-button mode plus automatically stops on crossroads

Simple concept, rules, control. All action takes place in a single
screen for each level.
Few lines of text. Only few sentences presented during an undefined
amount of time until a button is pressed down.
Gradual difficulty curve.
“Where to go” signs, in one-button mode plus automatically stops on
Pause at anytime pressing 'P' key or automatically when leaving the
game (i.e. changing browser window unintentionally)

Because the game is only in Spanish, here it is options screen English
Música – Music
Efectos – Effects
Velocidad del juego – Game speed
MODO UN BOTÓN – One switch mode
Usar cualquier botón – Use any button
Mostrar direcciones en los cruces – Show arrows on crossroads
Usar micrófono – Use microphone
Capturar sonido ambiente – Detect ambient sound
Modo alto contraste – High contrast mode
Seguir siempre al cursor – Always follow cursor (no click mode)

Best regards,

Javier Mairena (Game Accessibility Expert / Game Developer)
The Game Kitchen SL | Accessable Games | Nivel21 Entertainment
Email: jmairena at accessablegames.com
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