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Tara Voelker (Tefertiller) ttefertiller at igda-gasig.org
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I wanted to share something with everyone. There is currently an effort
going on to raise money for the developement of a computer game for the
blind (or really, and one who can listen to headphones). The game is called
Voices in the Dark.

It's all audio based and uses stereo audio in headphones for a 3D sound
effect. You can find more information about the project in English
here<http://www.iguanabee.com/2011/08/voices-in-the-dark/> or
in Spanish here<http://idea.me/proyecto/23/vocesenlaoscuridad?siteLang=es_ES>.
Both links have a video demo of the game play.

Here is some copy paste from the English website:


*In Voices in the Dark you will always be accompanied by a character that
will guide you and give you tips about what to do, the world around you,
other characters, the story of the game and more. There will be two main
sequences of gameplay:*

- *Free exploration/puzzle solving: You are put in a room or closed area
and given a goal (e.g. put down a fire, as in the first part of our video).
You must follow the audio clues for the elements in the area and interact
with them in order (find the bucket, go to the river and grab some water,
then put down the fire with it). *
- *Quick time events: Just like QTE in other games, you must react in
time to the orders your companion gives you. In the video, you are attacked
by a monster and your partner tells you to dodge right and left. Fail to
follow the cues correctly or in time, and your story may end there. *

*The last part of the video is about two people escaping some thugs. This is
like a non-interactive cutscene in other games.*

*We are working on other types of interaction, but we hope to keep them a
surprise. [image: ;-)] *
Right now the only have it available in Spanish, but also have plans for an
English and Japanese version.


Tara (Tefertiller) Voelker - Chairperson : igda-gasig.org
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