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Cross post, some of you maybe already got this...

There is also going to be another Accessibility Day event at Games For
Health I hear. I really enjoyed the event last year.


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Hi Everyone,

Sorry to not be at Power of Play yesterday. I had meetings that eventually
conflicted. I hope everyone had a good day and can't wait to hear more.

The following post is a brain dump of ideas for our conference in May that
I'm currently looking and challenging people here and elsewhere to

The way this works is easy. IF you think you can do this talk or demo you
write me a note and if I'm convinced it's a good fit and you're willing to
do the talk it makes the schedule.

Hopefully these also prove inspirational in other ways as well:

Minecraft meets Active Play: A Quest to Add Better Caloric Burn and Realism
to an Incredibly Addictive Game

I'm a huge fan of Minecraft. It's an open-ended action-adventure game with
incredible constructiveness and open-play. I'm looking for some people to
help me figure out ways and interface to play it in an active form.

For those of you who haven't tried it... it's at www.minecraft.net

This idea is likely going to include adapting some sort of specialized
controllers like dance matts and wii controllers to create the equivalent
keyboard / mouse commands to the game but I am also going to see (big IF) I
can get the programmer who created Minecraft to chime in with maybe some
alternative modable methods as well.

Minecraft is cross platform Java for OS X and Windows.

Audio Only games for Exercise
Last year we did a session that talked about how audio-only games might be
interesting for exercise - especially in mobile environments. There are
some things we're working on here behind the scenes still but if anyone is
doing anything with audio only games for exercise or other health related
ideas let me know.

Playing with PHRs and Games
We continue to believe the world of PHRs and EMRs and games are going to
start colliding. We have a few ideas to continue to push this agenda.
We're really looking for additional ideas, be they talks, group activities,
or more. Think creative and pitch ideas!

Global Health & Games
I want to do more to host 1-2 sessions related to global health
games/issues, ideas. Open to suggestions but we'll at least be doing a
roundtable with (hopefully) some interesting news but I'm open to lots of
ideas and unique demos.

Sensors and Games Round 2
We are expecting to do a lot more with sensors this year. If you've got or
know of anything interesting involving heart monitors, oxygen monitors, GPS,
ambient light sensors, RFID, etc. please pitch it or post links.

Scale: How do we Get to Scale Panel?
A critical issue we've been doing a lot of thinking on is the issue of scale
in serious games and games for health. How do we get real scale of action,
what is impeding scale of impact and health outcomes? Why is one scale
(e.g. sales of exergames) doing well but not the corresponding health
impact? How come we still have so few stellar projects? Etc. YES we know
some of casual answers why and some of the soundbites why but we want to do
a GREAT panel on this and I'm looking for people to take this on and knock
it out the park.

Cookies, Candy, Fast Food & Games : Games on Food Web Sites
We're doing a talk on this - already have a possible speaker but if anyone
has done anything here let me know.

Advergaming & Public Health...Panel/Roundtable/Talk?
I'd like to do some sort of session about how you match tried and true
advergaming design models and project models with real public health
messaging and successful public health messaging models. Ian Bogost has
done some talks here in the past that are precursors perhaps to a larger
more galvanizing discussion about how is/isn't working and where it could go
in the future.

Games for Health Around the World
We'd like to do something that is a large session where leaders from 6 or
more regions/countries, etc. internationally talk about interesting
projects, news, grants, activities related to GFH from around the world.
Looking for people who want to represent and report out on their regions.

Kinect Hacks
We've all seen them, they continue to grow, not sure how many can directly
relate to health but it seems like it'd make a nice 1/2 hour session for
someone to collect these all and make sense of them and identify which demos
might point to something really useful for research/health, etc.

IF someone wanted to do a larger session and expand this to hacks of
wiimotes AND move (I haven't checked if there are any Sony Move! hacks)
that'd be even cooler.

Beyond the obvious cognitive rehab/enhancement discussions that we'd had, is
there anything more to generate about improving healthy aging with games?
Previously we had some great discussions around the "senaludens" idea that
Mahai Nadin provided at Games for Health 2008 I believe. One of the things
he was working on was improving gait and balance - not as a matter of rehab
either. I'm interested to see what else or what more we can do there.

ScreenTime and Health
I'm interested in recruiting a great 40-60 minute talk on screentime and
health. Specifically I'm looking for a talk that provides an overview of
the research that's been done up until now and especially if that research
offers any further insight beyond the relationship between hours and
outcome. That means looking for items such as:

Is there a difference between types of screen time like interactive,
and passive
Is there a difference in eating habits related to different types of
screen time
Physiological issues (as we saw the focus on that last post I sent
out earlier this week)

My general theory is there are commonalities and slight differences between
different types of screen time and situational contexts (with/without
others, breaks, extended time, work/home) and understanding them might lead
to something.

Motion Sickness & Related Items
If anyone is an expert in motion sickness, photovolatic epilepsy, etc. we'd
love an overview on that entire area. We're actually in the process of
reaching out to some experts but nothing firm is committed to yet.

Legal issues for Medical Devices
We're looking for a lawyer who has experience in medical device and FDA
compliance/regulations/processes, etc. who can translate and forecast issues
from that world against the growing use of exercise equipment, games,
iphones, mobile, iPads, software, etc. in the world of health and provide an
overview of that for us. I've done some reachout but still am looking for
perfect candidate. Great opportunity for a lawyer!

Survey of DS Health Games
There has been so many different games on the DS - especially in Japan we're
looking to cover them all in one talk, make observations about them, and
provide some conclusions about the work before the DS is laid to rest over
the next few years.

The Psychology of Avatars
If someone wanted to do a roundup of Avatar related research and psychology
that might also be a very good talk.

This is what I have for now. I'm working over the next week to prepare
another batch as well. And of course PLEASE suggest ideas here for items
you'd like to see.


- Ben Sawyer

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