[games_access] A catalog of 1 switch interface patterns?

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
Wed Jan 19 10:24:55 EST 2011

Hi Tim,

I am glad we have Barrie on list :-)
He is the One Button Expert.

I do not know about design pattern, but maybe some notes can help?
I put it under the category "how to reduce the number of buttons" :-)

It was interesting to see that these information can also help
with some Kinect games :-)

* There are lots of documents for scanning.
* See www.ua-games.gr there are some documents
* www.ua-games.gr/ti as a game example
* it slows down the rate of input (user has to wait for the focus)
* active and passive types
** active is not directly scanning but I put it in this category
** user moves actively the focus and stops when he reached his aim
** works similar to dwelling menus
* there are different types of scanning
** single options
** row, column (first select area, then next smaller area ... (See game
Access chees)
** two step scanning, two function are activated after each other
** CS: context-sensitive scanning: button changes functionality
** CA: context-agnostic scanning: action is the same during the whole game

* can be the figure or something in the environment or both

* some functionality is removed

Double action:
One buttons get two actions.

Put functionality into the environment
* e.g. the buttons moves

Note: a combination with adjustable gamespeed can be useful

Best regards,

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I'm wondering if there are any studies or design patterns/templates for
effective 1 switch interfaces. I don't mean hardware but rather software and
specifically user interface design.

For example, suppose I want the user to enter a number from 0 to 9. I can
certainly make one up, but has anyone sat down and looked at how it's most

Another example would be highlighting of the current selection. A thousand
ways to do it, but is there a "most effective" way?

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