[games_access] A catalog of 1 switch interface patterns?

Tim Chase agdev at thechases.com
Wed Jan 19 10:41:55 EST 2011

On 01/19/2011 08:38 AM, Tim Holt wrote:

> I'm wondering if there are any studies or design

> patterns/templates for effective 1 switch interfaces. I don't

> mean hardware but rather software and specifically user

> interface design.

The first place I'd start:


being one of the best collections on the topic I've seen,
including Flash demos of several aspects.

> For example, suppose I want the user to enter a number from 0

> to 9. I can certainly make one up, but has anyone sat down

> and looked at how it's most effective?


> Another example would be highlighting of the current

> selection. A thousand ways to do it, but is there a "most

> effective" way?

While I don't know of any catalog of "most effective" ways to do
these things, some lend themselves better than others. For
picking letters/numbers/menu-options, many of the games I've seen
use a timed rotating selector. This could be a pointer rotating
around a dial, a highlight skimming from top-to-bottom (or
left-to-right), etc...once the highlight/pointer is over the
desired item, the button-press chooses. It may also be good to
include a cancel/back option and an "I'm done"/okay button with
longer dwells (and for text-entry, a backspace). One of the
other things I've liked with the rotating-highlight in a menu is
having it actually slide over the blanks-between-options too so
that there's a bit of space between them to assist you in
choosing the option you want, rather than being off by a fraction
of a second.

I hope this gives you some good leads/ideas...


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