[games_access] A catalog of 1 switch interface patterns?

Sandra Uhling sandra_uhling at web.de
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Maybe the keyword "supported communication" is helpful?
(I do not know if the translation is ok, in German it is "unterstütze

They have games that teaches kids what communication it,
how to interact with something and step by step how to use
one button games and automatic scanning.

For example some kids have to learn what communication is.
They have to learn that when they do something they can
interact with something.

One of the basic is an aminal that reacts when a button is pressed.
I was surprised that there are kids who have to learn this.

I also learnt that they use an audio interface.
Not because the kids are blind. They use it to support the
understanding of the software. That is very interesting.

You can find them on events about Rehabilitation.
Some organize also trainings/information days for parents.
Usually they are very friendly and open people :-)

LifeTool http://lifetool.at/ (Demo!)

Other contacts:
Search for companies for "supported communication".
www.prentke-romich.de Email: info at prentke-romich.de
They have a very nice brochure. Maybe they have information also in English
or know who to ask? They are very friendly.

They can give you also more information about the different controllers.
They have some kind interesting types of "one button".
For example a "wooble swich" or a "micro light" small button.

Best regards,

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Thanks for the tips! One caveat I should have added is that I'm talking
about one switch purely from the physical access point of view. Adding
cognitive disability issues (the area I work in) brings up a whole different
set of design challenges.

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On Jan 19, 2011, at 9:41 AM, Tim Chase <agdev at thechases.com> wrote:

> On 01/19/2011 08:38 AM, Tim Holt wrote:

>> I'm wondering if there are any studies or design

>> patterns/templates for effective 1 switch interfaces. I don't

>> mean hardware but rather software and specifically user

>> interface design.


> The first place I'd start:


> http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/2316/one_button_games.php


> being one of the best collections on the topic I've seen, including Flash

demos of several aspects.


>> For example, suppose I want the user to enter a number from 0

>> to 9. I can certainly make one up, but has anyone sat down

>> and looked at how it's most effective?


>> Another example would be highlighting of the current

>> selection. A thousand ways to do it, but is there a "most

>> effective" way?


> While I don't know of any catalog of "most effective" ways to do these

things, some lend themselves better than others. For picking
letters/numbers/menu-options, many of the games I've seen use a timed
rotating selector. This could be a pointer rotating around a dial, a
highlight skimming from top-to-bottom (or left-to-right), etc...once the
highlight/pointer is over the desired item, the button-press chooses. It
may also be good to include a cancel/back option and an "I'm done"/okay
button with longer dwells (and for text-entry, a backspace). One of the
other things I've liked with the rotating-highlight in a menu is having it
actually slide over the blanks-between-options too so that there's a bit of
space between them to assist you in choosing the option you want, rather
than being off by a fraction of a second.


> I hope this gives you some good leads/ideas...


> -tim



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